Expert Recording & Production Services for Artist

Based in Wilmington, Delaware

I Offer Professional Recording Studio & Audio Production Services for Hip-Hop, R&B, and Soul Artists in Delaware

Studio Recording

Book recording studio time by the hour. We'll work together to record, edit, mix, and master your music in the alloted time.

Remote Mixing

Get crisp, clean, and punchy mixing and mastering for your songs done remotely. Get all the hallmarks of a track recorded and mixed in a professional studio without disrupting your busy schedule,

Music Production

Need original music for your project? I can work with you to produce tracks that fit your stylistic vision or match you with producers in my network who can provide you with the sound you're seeking.

Portfolio | Hear The Audio Production Quality From My Recording Studio

Take a listen to these samples of my past works. All vocal takes were recorded in studio with me unless otherwise noted. Songs labeled “Full Production” were fully produced and mixed in-house in my recording studio.


Still not convinced? Listen to my past works and hear for yourself, the commitment we have.

Testimonials | Artist Reviews of Their Recording Studio Sessions

My clients say it all. They are living proof of my commitment to quality.

"Makes great music and has a spectacular attitude. Very professional and insightful. Asher thinks outside of just the realm of music and sees the whole picture of things. It’s been a pleasure so far working with him!"
audio production services
Jon Martin
Game Developer
"Asher tries to bring the best out of every artist he works with. He’s honest and helps to really bring your record to life. Love working with him and the environment is really encouraging and not judgmental."
audio production services
Beverly Adanna
Artist @ Adanna
I’ve worked with Asher for a few years now & it’s never a dull experience. Always creating something great with his expertise.
audio production services
Ebony Johnson
Artist @ Aundri
Asher knows what he’s doing. I can always count on him to keep things lively during my sessions too.
Vincent Wilson
Artist @ Red Spade
Let me start by saying Asher is a great teacher. I've always struggled with mixing my own tracks and the concepts we went over and the application of them is well communicated and boiled down into ways that are easily understandable and I take the lessons with me for every project. If you know little about mixing and think it's a daunting challenge, get into contact with this man.
Nick DiNunno
DJ @ DJ Niknax
"His quality of work is amazing. Whenever we’re in the studio, he always manages to bring my ideas to life by asking specific questions and helping me figure out what I want out of the track. He’s also punctual too and easy to communicate with."
Johanna Kuenjou
Music Producer
audio production services

About Me​

I've been delivering clean and dynamic audio production to my clients for the past decade. My experience with amatuer, semi-pro, and career artists has prepared me to work with a range of clients. From new artists who want transformative mixing, to professionals who are looking for deeper embellishments, shine, and detail in their songs. My favorite genres to work with are Hip-Hop, R&B, Boom-Bap, Lofi, and Soul Music.

I'm committed to providing a premium recording studio experience to everyone.

Why work with me?

Your success is my ultimate vision, I am fully committed to delivering professional results. I give my clients the same passion and commitment that we give our own work.

Organized & On-Time
Excellence in Sound
Honesty & Openness
Meticulous Attention to Detail
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